Introductory Lesson #1 

* * * N O T I C E * * *

    This is an introduction to the 'detaxing philosophy', the reasoning behind 'detaxing', and a general view of my recommended method of 'detaxing.

There is NO law in Canada requiring a free will Canadian Man or Woman
to file a personal income tax return or pay a personal income tax.

However, to avoid hassles from 'mistaken identity', it may be prudent
to file a 'return of income' for one's 'AGENT IN COMMERCE'
Agent in Commerce? We'll explain as we go along.


1. Income tax is most likely "legal" for persons/legal entities (according to interpretation of any statute passed by government). However, it is most likely not "lawful", as "lawful" means intent, or intention of use (especially against the Canadian People), regardless what the statute may say, appear to say, or is interpreted by a judge to say or mean.

2. The tax provisions of the BNA Act have nothing to do with the income tax. The Income Tax Act is private legislation for "persons", with such persons being defined in the Income War Tax Act (1917), and clarified in the current Income Tax Act as ONLY being "bodies corporate" and "bodies politic" - "make-believe ships at sea" in the Roman tradition; and the 'members' of these incorporations. Bodies corporate and politic are referred to as artificial persons. Members of these "artificial persons" would be "natural persons" - men and women under contract of, or by imposed servitude, to either of these artificial persons.

    Section 2 of the current Income Tax Act says: "An income tax shall be paid by every person resident in Canada." As we continue in this course, you will discover that you are NOT a "person", and NOT a "resident in Canada".

3. The pseudo-Federal Government (as the pseudo-Crown) has hypothecated a limited liability commercial legal (fictional) entity called a "taxpayer", by placing its definition in the Income War Tax Act (1917). Imposed upon such a commercial legal entity, the income tax is then legally considered an "indirect" tax, or more correctly, either a term of a contract of servitude, or the harvesting of the fruits of the labour of owned slaves. Thus, it would be a collection of the master/owner claimed share of the fruits of the labour of his/its owned slave. What remains with the slave, for that slave's own use is called a 'benefit'. Remember, the slave owner owns 100% of the slave's labour, and the benefits are commonly confiscated from declared to be disobedient slaves.

    To impose this legal fiction(person) upon mankind, the pseudo-Crown concocts a 'legal identity' from the given and family name, which parents file with the "Crown in Right of" of the birth Province as the Statement of Birth or Certification of Live Birth. This is used to then issue, as a 'money value' certificate, a birth certificate, with the family name, renamed as a "surname" - the primary name. The prefix "sur" means "over, above, superior, primary". A true family name is a reference name for given names. This money value certificate is then pledged to the international banksters as chattel, and a source of payment in bankruptcy by the "bankrupt" Province or State.

    The 'legal identity', which is a name making the family name a "surname", and given names reference names to it, is NOT the baby's name. It is a Crown created and owned 'legal identity fiction', an 'intellectual property. A child's name is the 'given names'. The family name is a reference ONLY. The 'legal identity' was contrived by fraud to deceptively extract the fruits of that child's potential labour during its lifetime.

    The "City of London" CROWN, the agent for the Pontiff's Holy Roman Empire, tricks/defrauds people into "enveloping" themselves in the Crown owned "legal Identity" through the church and school education system, and then applies the legal maxim - accessio cedit principali - an accessory (you, the free will adult human) attached to a principal (the legal identity name) becomes the property of the owner (the CROWN) of the principal. Since the Monarch of Great Britain ceased being the Monarch of Canada in 1901, upon the death of Queen Victoria, it appears that Canada is treated as an abandoned ship claimed as "floatsam" or salvage by the corporation called "the Crown" of the City of London. The Monarch of Great Britain, as a vassal monarch of the Pontiff's Holy Roman Empire since 1213, now acts as agent for that "Crown". Thus, the term "Her Majesty" is interchangable with "the Crown".

    A mechanism is provided for the prudent, called a "claim of right" wherein, you claim 'PRIVATE NECESSITY" in your use of that "legal identity" name to participate in commerce and deal with Government for such things as passports and driver's licenses. That claim can only be refuted by proof positive that you actually volunteered knowing all the terms of use of the "legal identity" name. Where "PRIVATE NECESSITY" exists, assumptions of contract and terms thereof cannot exist. One must use the "legal identity" name to survive - to acquire food, shelter and clothing, and obtain the means for happiness. Such a claim needs be filed in a court case where performance and payment of currency is demanded by the Crown before the commencement of the courthouse hearing.

    By definition within the Income War Tax Act (1917) a legal entity/person is called a "taxpayer". The evidence of servitude status is renewal is supplied by filing the T-1. Queen Elizabeth I limited the duration of a contract of servitude to something like 5 years. Thus, there has to be proof of good contract making the legal identity, and the defrauded human. The fact is that ONLY "persons" - fictional entities in the Roman civil style, are required to file the form - as per Section 150 of the Income Tax Act. My filing system fulfills that requirement without giving evidence that you are party to a contract of servitude, nor subject to being made an accessory attached to the legal name, and thus property of/slave owned by the corporate Crown.

4. The basic, and only tool, the pseudo-Federal Government has in law for these hypothecations is "presumption", an anciently established common law tenet to establish debt or duty where no formal contract exists. The remedy against presumption is timely negation.

5. A "person" created or assumed to exist by the pseudo-Crown is of "slave" status; and, owns nothing, including the labour and skills of the human body to which it is attached. The pseudo-Crown is a limited liability entity; and thus, can only create and recognize "limited liability fictional entities" - which can mean a man without free will by status change to "subject"/"person" by contract of servitude, or is mentally deficient for organic reasons (ward of the pseudo-Crown).

    'Limited liability' means a ship at high seas, or out to sea - and away from the access of courts or suit. All corporate entities are 'make-believe ships at sea'.

6. To retrieve oneself from this hypothecated slave position; and, to return to a full liability free will man (m/f) status requires the correct use of the "signature", an "asseveration" (affidavit) denying corporate existence/personhood and a claim of right, and the separation of oneself from the 'legal name' for any debts imposed upon the 'legal name entity' by the Crown.

7. Suggested proper remedies to counteract the private 'tax-farming' incorporation called Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) action against you, as well as other people's unlawful acts against you in the name of income tax are presented in part here; and, more comprehensively by e-mailing me for 'more information' on filing, dealing with CRA bills, and court procedures.

8. Canadian pseudo-judges now consider any form of "person" - natural or artificial - as being a legal entity (subservient corporate member) subject to the income tax act. A "natural person" would be a man/woman under servitude (imposed slave status) by way of attachment as an accessory to Crown owned property, the 'legal name'. Therefore, as a free man, do not use the term "person" in relation to yourself. The term comes from Latin - "persona" - mask or role of an actor, a fictitious character.
Note: The term 'pseudo' means mythical, fictional, imitation, unorthodox and bogus.

9. In recent times, the pseudo-Crown has come up with an 'all caps' spelling of the name of the 'legal identity/person attached to/identified as your body by the Crown. All court papers show only this 'all caps' spelling of your name. The 'all caps' spelling of a name is just a code within the corporate system to designate property as being pledged as chattel in bankruptcy. Please pay attention: It is not the 'case' of the letters in the name, but, the name itself which signifies a 'legal name'. When the family name referred to as a SURNAME, and is included as being part of the name, it is not the free will man which is referred to - it is the Crown owned 'legal entity'.

10. An interesting note: There is no such thing as a "TAX RETURN" mentioned in the Income Tax Act relative to the supposed mandatory requirement to file the T1 form by April 30 each year (Section 150 ITA). The term used is "RETURN OF INCOME". If "INCOME" is returnable to, or an accounting of "INCOME" is required by the pseudo-Federal Government, this means that the money representing your paycheque, and received by your 'Agent in Commerce" - the legal identity, as shown on your birth certificate, for the previous year, came from, or belongs to the pseudo-Federal Government. This is adequate proof in and of itself to show that a "taxpayer" is considered to own "NOTHING". However, you are NOT a TAXPAYER, so you must collect your money (equity) from your 'agent in commerce' before the Crown grabs their 'fair share'.


I had previously believed, and stated here, that the act of filing a "return of income" (T-1 Form) as a taxpayer, and paying income tax, provides evidence of assumpsit 'contract of servitude' with the Crown in Right of Canada and its agent, the Minister of National Revenue (and thus, Canada Revenue Agency). That was partially correct; however, it all has to do with how one signs the T1 'return of income'. That is now covered in my suggested filing method. Evidence has come to light recently showing that the filing process allows the Crown to make the conclusion that You, the free will man or woman, are 'one and the same' as the 'legal fiction/person' created by the Crown and associated with your body at birth by the birth certificate.

The terms of the contract between the 'legal identity and the Crown (both fictional entities) are the Income Tax Act and Income Tax Regulations. Your status, if you fall for the fraud noted above, becomes a legal entity called a "Taxpayer" - a form of feudal serf or slave.

Please note: The Income Tax Act is NOT the contract. The "contract" is the process of converting you, or more correctly, having you ignorantly believe that You, and the Crown created 'legal identity', are one and the same. They assume that your ignorance will allow you to believe that You are a 'person' - a legal fiction, a 'natural person', and subsequently, a "taxpayer"; and thus, are liable for income tax on your total salary, wages and other exchange of your property.

You have been subjected to FRAUD, in that you were convinced by official sounding statements and other propaganda from the pseudo-Canadian Government that you were REQUIRED to file an income tax return. You are not; however, the 'legal identity' created by the Crown and supposedly associated with the image of your body is required to file. Does that mean that you are obligated to file for it? Not really; but, those who live in the fictional world and have the guns and jails ONLY see you (your body) as the 'legal identity'. So, for a short 5 to 15 minute exercise, you can lawfully and legally file for the 'legal identity' - person associated with your body - as your 'agent in commerce'.

If you file AS the 'person', rather than FOR it, you place yourself under the unalienable property rights of the Crown. The property right is a bundle of rights - the right to own, use, sell, hypothecate, give away, bequeath property. Thus, the Crown can make use of any of those rights. All 'so-called' legal rights are non-existent for you, except as granted as a privilege by the Crown - such as the 'benefits' of keeping some of the fruits of your labour for your own use.

A voluntary contract to change your status to 'person', such as joining the military forces, is legal; but, only for a limited time. However, an imposition of slave status upon you by the Crown is fraudulent. And, remember, a name which includes your family name, changed to a surname, as being one of your names (using the formula: first, second or middle, and last name) or "Also Known As" name, or irregular spelling of your name (all caps, last name first, etc) using the rule of Idem Sonans - "sounds the same" assigned to you by any branch of this pseudo-government (the pseudo-Crown) is fraud prejudicing your absolute rights of life, liberty and property.

Another thing regarding your name: Regardless what your 'given' names or 'family name' may be, it is 'hearsay', (second hand) to you, and thus would be a 'fraud upon the court' if you give that, or those names in a court, or on any public or official documents. One's birthday is also hearsay knowledge. At least that is the case for most people - unless one's memory goes back to the womb. Think of this the next time you fill in any government document - such as a driver's license application, or what have you. You can only sign something correctly and legally by writing: "Scribe for John Howard Doe" (replace John Howard Doe with the name on your birth certificate), Or: "I, commonly called John-Howard of the family Doe for JOHN HOWARD DOE". If that is unacceptable to the clerk with which you deal, then just put a small "for" in front of "John Howard Doe".
Note: Recently, it has come to my attention that 'for Her Majesty in right of (Government level - Canada, Province of, City of)' be added after the 'for John Doe', showing that when dealing with the 'legal identity, one is really dealing with the "Crown" or "Her Majesty", the owner of the 'legal identity name'.

Remember, it is the "liberties, rights and concessions" expressed within the Magna Carta which are "eternal or forever" (Section 63). The treasonous drivel expounded by judges and lawyers that the Magna Carta has been nullified by later statutes and act is absolute garbage; and, nothing has nullified liberties and rights; or, nullified the concessions of the British Crown in its requirement to maintain Common Law procedures.

However, 'British' so-called common law is/has been a veiled version of Roman civil law with the ever present 'notwithstanding' clause in the fore front, since the AD 1300's. British common law is NOT Anglo-Saxon common law - the system of law upon which the Magna Carta was based.

This fraud is a 'trespass upon your life', a 'trespass upon your free will mind and body', and subsequently, "trespass upon your PROPERTY". Further, if you are jailed based upon some statutory provision within the Income Tax Act, you have also suffered 'trespass upon your LIBERTY'. Such 'assumpsit contracts' were forbidden in 1677 by the Statute of Frauds. Also, basic rights cannot be liened, sold or seized. Queen Victoria issued an edict around 1871, called the Attachment of Wages Act, which forbids a 'court of record' from attaching (garnisheeing) a man's wages'(property right).

Unalienable rights cannot be given away or waived, except for a limited time, such as military service, by contract - Thirty Nine Articles signed by Queen Elizabeth 1 in the late 1500's. And, relative to 'courts of record', there are no 'courts of record' currently - all Canadian courts are only executive branch contract adjudication hearings or for the disciplining of slaves owned by the corporate Crown. And, income tax cases are tort proceedings against slaves who have violated the Crown's property rights - the rights of a slave owner to reap the fruits of labour from owned slaves. Property rights override all constitutional, statutory, and common law - as law cannot interfere in the property right - the use and profiting from slave ownership.

The Statute of Frauds (1677) requires ALL contracts, except those of a very minor nature or lasting less than a year, to be written and signed by the contractors. Major forms of contracts require the following: written, signed, witnessed, sealed and delivered (copy for each party to the contract). The changing of a man's status to that of a legal entity would be in the latter category. However, the imposition of the income tax as a result of the imposed slave status by way of the property right legal maxim, accessio cedit principali - an accessory attached to a principal becomes the property of the principal, means that 'contract, or contract law' has nothing to do with income tax or its imposition.

An "entity" or "legal entity" in law is an artificial or natural person created by privilege arising from the Government, thus making the Government its creator and owner.

A Review to this point:

#1: You have supposedly proven that you, and the person or legal identity, and thus a "taxpayer", are 'one and the same' by your 'identifying' yourself by the Crown owned legal name you find on the birth certificate. Since the Crown has not authorized you to use that name as an adult human, your use of it is a form of theft of intellectual property owned by another party.

#2: Thus, you have had a commercial name (a name where the family name is called a "surname" - meaning the primary name; and the given names being referencial names to the surname) associated to your physical body by the birth certificate. The "all caps" spelling is only a legal key to show that the named entity is pledged chattel in bankruptcy - a named debtor. The Crown calls this your 'legal status or identity' name. As long as Canada is considered (fraudulently) to be in bankruptcy, that legal status name is your 'agent in commerce' in anything that you may have to do with Canadian fiat money - bankruptcy script, or with government at any level.

#3: Regarding the belief that income tax is "voluntary" - becoming a "natural person" is supposedly voluntary - as per #1. As a free will adult man, any compliance with the Income Tax Act of Canada is voluntary; however, as a "person", compliance is mandatory. You volunteer by signing government forms AS the 'legal identity'. Yes, we are so brainwashed into accepting that we are John Howard Doe, rather than a man with an appellation called John Howard of the Doe family, that we have to work at making the change to the correct view.

#4: You must show that you, and the legal entity/person to which you are supposedly attached are NOT one and the same. A copy of the Birth Certificate and, if available, the Statement of (live) Birth can be presented as evidence that neither are not you. They are only evidence of an event that happened in the past, and that you had nothing to do with either.


Income War Tax Act (1917) definition of "taxpayer": 2.(f) "taxpayer" means any "person" paying, liable to pay, or believed by the Minister to be liable to pay, any tax imposed by this Act;


If you have guilt feelings even thinking about getting out of paying income tax, you should remember that the Federal Government was given the authority to create money in the BNA Act, at least up until 1931. With that authority, it had no need to use taxation to "raise revenue". The Federal Government was to have the power to create new money based upon the Roman Republic's method as refined by Leibnitz of Germany (early 1700's) and Alexander Hamilton of the early USA republic. The system was not inflationary, as money was created to pay for items of real value (roads, and other infrastructure put into place to enhance the peoples rights and freedoms, primarily the property rights and personal security). The indirect taxation power was actually the power to protect our farmers and manufacturers from the "dumping" of foreign goods produced by cheap or slave labour.

It should be noted here that the British Crown as Crown of Canada has been a hoax, a fraud and an impostor since the death of Queen Victoria in 1901. The succession right of british Monarchs to be the Crown of Canada was removed from the BNA Act(BR. 1867) by the (British) Statutes Revision Act(1893).

Upon completely giving the money creation power over to the private banking institutions in 1913, the PSEUDO-Federal Government had to resort to unlawful revenue raising schemes to replace their lost primary source of revenue. Therefore, the "manufacturer's sales tax" was imposed in 1924; and, replaced in 1988 by the Goods and Services tax. The GST is unlawful because it is a direct violation of contract law when it is collected by the merchant as an "added to the price" sales tax. When a price for goods is posted, and a customer accepts the goods at the posted price, the customer controls the contract with the merchant. For the merchant to add on the additional cost beyond the posted price is a form of extortion within contract law.

Note: Since writing the above, I have learned that 'income tax', and now GST, is primarily a means of removing excess money (all 'fiat' Canadian money is counterfeit, representing only debt, and not backed by any real asset). The Canadian Government operates on borrowed 'so-called money' from the international banking establishments, and uses the credit of the 'legal identities' associated with the Canadian people (birth certificates) as hypothecated chattel. That is why the government must defraud you of the fruits of your labour (as income tax and GST) by having yo, in your ignorance accept that you are the 'legal identity'.

The income tax was devised for the primary purpose of taking fiat created usury money out of circulation. With only principal, and with no provision for interest, being created, the results are devaluation of the money by requiring the use of the principal to pay the interest. Paying your Visa Card bill with your Master Card, then reversing that tactic the following month, doesn't work very long.

For those of you founded on the Christian doctrines that "we must render unto Caesar" and "we must be obedient to our leaders", you must ask: Who (in 1913) gave the Federal Government (the Governor General) the authority to give away the money creation responsibility mandated in the BNA Act??? Also, the People of the Canadian Provinces were given Common Law (God's Law or Natural Law) rights by English statutory law, relative to most matters. Since 1931, the People of the Provinces have the Common Law by Natural Right. Remember, a government ordained by God will keep and enforce God's Law. If a government does otherwise, it is not of God. Also, we, in a common law country do not have a "Caesar". We are supposed to have "public servants". A common law country only has "leaders" (military rule) in time of war or declared disaster.

Roman or Merchant Law comes to us through the Roman Empire from the ancient Persians. In the Old Testament, Persia is equated to, or used as an analogy to Satan or Satanic. It was most likely their invention of a system of laws which recognized "ships" as persons, and humans only as "members", or body parts of the ship person, which drew the wrath of God upon this ancient nation and for which He condemned them in His Holy Bible. God does not take kindly to having His sons castrated. Remember the saying: "You cannot serve two masters"? It's God, or it's Lucifer!


    1. "Actus legis nemini facit injuriam"
    Translation: An act of the law wrongs no man. An act of the law is to be so limited in its operation that NO RIGHT SHALL BE PREJUDICED.
    Precedent: 2 Bl. Com.123; 69 Ga. 400: Broom, Max. 127, 409.

    2. "Actus non facit reum, nisi mens sit rea"
    Translation: (Mens Rea - criminal intent) An ACT does NOT MAKE a man a criminal, UNLESS his intentions be criminal. To constitute a crime, the intent and the act must concur; a mere overt act, without wrongful intention, does not make guilt.
    Precedent: 4 Bl. Com. 2, 21; 4, N. Y. 159, 163, 193,; Broom, Max. 307.

    Source : A Dictionary of Law by William C. Anderson, of the Pittsburg Bar
    (Dictionary and Compendium of American and English Jurisprudence.)
    Publisher : T. H. Flood and Company (Law Publishers), Chicago 1893

    "Ex dolo malo non oritur actio"
    Translation: No right of action can have its origin in fraud.

    "Idem Sonans" - Sounds like.
    In law, if the spelling is different, but the sound of the name is the same, and a party answers to that sound, then the irregular spelling will not void the case.
    However, if the Crown or other party uses the Rule of Idem Sonans with the intent to fraudulently prejudice the rights of the other party, such usage voids the case.

    "Noscitur A Sociis" -
    A term or expression cannot be interpreted without taking surrounding terms into account.
    Example: The term "person", within the Income Tax Act, can ONLY be interpreted as meaning a limited liability corporate entity. The myriad violations of the absolute rights of a free will man totally excludes a free willed man as being a "person" as described within the Income Tax Act of Canada.


    The "PIRATE" Canadian pseudo-Federal Government has been using "trickery" and "a figment of imagination" to entrap the Canadian People into a "pillaging" scheme called the income tax; and, enforcing it by "administrative law" - taken directly from maritime law as a commercial procedure. The Canadian Judiciary supplies those responsible for the perpetration of this nefarious activity. A "failure to file" case starts with a judge or justice of the peace establishing jurisdiction in Equity, where a contract is determined to exist between the Crown and the accused party wherein the accused man's status is supposedly changed to that of "person" - a subject/servant/slave of the Crown. When that is established, the case then becomes one of administration of the Master/Servant laws of Medieval England.

    The Income Tax is not a tax. It is a "divvy" system similiar to that used by a landlord of the feudal system of the early middle ages in Europe. However, the landlord was limited by Church law to taking only a maximum of 25% of the production of the serf. Most took no more than 20%; as, going over the 25% limit could result in excommunication from the Church. Where is the Church in these times?

    This definition of "TREASON" comes from the T.H. Flood And Company law dictionary published in 1893:
    TREASON. Betrayal, treachery, breach of faith or allegiance.
    TRAITOR. One who breaks faith, or betrays a trust; one guilty of treason.
    Notes: Treason may exist only as between allies; it is a general appellation to denote not only offenses against the king and government, but also that accumulation of guilt which arises whenever a superior reposes, a confidence in a subject or inferior, between whom and himself there subsists a natural, a civil, or even a spiritual relationship, and the inferior so abuses that confidence, so forgets the obligations of duty, subjection, and allegiance, as to destroy the life of the superior.

    In this definition, we must remember that, in an Anglo-Saxon Common Law country, the People maintain PRIMARY SOVEREIGNTY. The "Crown" of a limited monarchy, or the government is granted limited sovereignty, some of these limitations being spelled out in the Magna Carta (1215-1225) and other British statutes - mainly instituted during the reign of Charles II. This puts the government in a position of being inferior to the People and subject to them when the People are in their natural state of being under common law rights and justice.

    "Constructive Treason" is treason which has not been specifically spelled out in law or code, but which, nevertheless, constitutes rebellion against the sovereign on behalf of a foreign power with the intent of subjugation of the sovereign to that foreign power. Our government(s) - politicians, bureaucrats and judges (as well as lawyers and accountants) would certainly appear to be guilty of "constructive treason" for their acts of: the robbing of Canadians by unlawful taxing schemes, the institution of unlawful controlling schemes and the turning over of Canada to the United Nations - the international banksters' and other eliteists' (Cult of Isis or Ion) "one world government" scam. All of these treasonous acts have caused, and do cause, great detriment, deprivation and hardship to the Canadian People.

    With the knowledge and understanding you will hopefully glean from these five lessons; and, by reflection upon this Great Scam which has deprived you and countless others of the fruits of your/their labours over these many years, you should be getting a clue as to why the Governments (here, and in the USA) are in such a panic to get guns out of the hands of the People. A careful reading of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution will tell you that the People were to have guns to protect themselves from the potential misuse of policing power (courts, police and prison establishments) by Government.

    We would hope it doesn't have to come to that last resort for a remedy here in Canada; so, let's try the "civil" method.......

    It would be grand to be able to tell you that this, or any, detax program is 100% effective; however, we are dealing with thugs and pirates who recognize NO rules of fair play. The law, as given in this program is factual. The use of law is correct; however, no guarantees can be given that the usurper pseudo-government and it's lackeys, the CRA, the judges, the police and the Justice Ministry will come close to obeying the law. You must understand that this is a WAR against our individual rights by a socialist minded usurper. Some battles may be lost; however, we must win this war; or, we, and our grandchildren, will be subject to ever increasing subjugation and slavery.

    FOR THE REMEDY, proceed to LESSON #2

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