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Applicable to Canada, as the voting (shares) rights of the Bank of Canada
have been owned by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York since 1936



Have you ever stopped to ask yourself this simple question: If the government can print as much money as it needs, then why is there an income tax?

In 1946, Beardsley Ruml - then Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of NYC, told the truth in a speech titled "Taxes For Revenue Are Obsolete".

Mr. Ruml explained (click here for Ruml's full speech) that, since a government can easily print all the paper money it needs, in any amount, and therefore does not need to tax anyone, an income tax is maintained to siphon excess paper out of circulation, to stabilize the purchasing power of paper money (i.e., regulate inflation) and prevent the hyperinflation that would ordinarily result from printing too much paper!

Now you know the truth behind the 'income tax'. Yet, not one American in a million heard Mr. Ruml's speech (And that is a good thing or they might have marched on Washington!).

Ample paper must continuously be taxed (siphoned) out of circulation to keep pace with the interest payments on the national debt, being made to the mostly foreign bankers who designed and control the Federal Reserve System.
In 1982, the prestigious, private-sector Grace Commission, in their cost-cutting report to President Reagan, confirmed the ineptness of the income tax to control inflation. The following quote by the Commission confirms that they do not even understand how the income tax functions, and that the present rate of taxation does not pay the interest for the use of the money printed by the Federal Reserve Bank and thus cannot even begin to affect the growth of the national debt...  "100% [of income taxes] collected is absorbed solely by interest on the federal debt ... all income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services taxpayers expect from the government."
(This position has no semblance of reality with the position of the Federal Reserve Bank.  Anyone care to guess why? )

Shocked? You should be! The Commission's report was apparently written to make certain that most hard-working Americans will never know, or even believe, the hidden connection between fraudulent paper money and the taxes they pay on their own labor (fraudulently seized from their paychecks and bank accounts by the Federal Reserve Bank's "strong arm" collection agency, the IRS).

  Read Ruml's the full speech... click here.

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